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Harry is an Ex British Army soldier who after receiving a serious spinal injury on Operational Tour was medically retired after 13 years of service. As a way of dealing with PTSD, depression and chronic pain, he turned to art which completely transformed his outlook on life.

Harry discovered that at the time he started out and was looking for information on certain art supplies, there was very little information or demonstrations online and so he decided to create a resource for all artists. The Art Gear Guide was born! Here, Harry delivers honest and highly detailed information on a wide range of art supplies. At The Art Gear Guide, each product reviewed is divided up into four different sections.

First there is a video review on The Art Gear Guide YouTube Channel. This is followed up with a highly detailed written review on The Art Gear Guide website, where prices, links and other additional information are published. With all products, Harry completes a piece of art and displays this in the form of a speed drawing on The Art Gear Guide YouTube Channel and then finally a dedicated page on The Art Gear Guide website is published with high definition images of the artwork taken at various stages of completion from beginning to end. The purpose of this page is so the viewer can enlarge the images and inspect the progress at their own leisure and in HD detail.


The Art Gear Guide is also present on most social media platforms, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram being the main ones. Harry uses these platforms to spread awareness of live streams, work in progress pieces of art, free giveaways of art supplies and many more things. Finally, Harry constantly makes himself available to try and answer questions artists may have regarding art supplies thus helping artists of all grades save money and spend it wisely on the products we all love and desire so much.

So if you are looking to purchase a new set of pencils, markers, pastels or watercolours etc, or if you would like to know why lightfast products over non lightfast products or perhaps the difference between student grade and artist grade; then check out The Art Gear Guide as you might be able to find the answers you are looking for.


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The orders that you place with The Colour Pencil Shop Ltd will be converted into trees to be planted in heavily deforested areas in the Tropics.

Together we will help to make our planet green again.

Since May 2021, we have planted 529 trees.

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