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Derwent Graphitint Paint Pan Pocket Set

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Derwent Graphitint Paint Pan Pocket Set

Set Contains: Twelve unique Graphitint pans, a mini water brush, a sponge and five mixing palettes

  • Graphitint - a unique blend of graphite with colour to create subtle muted colour with a graphite sheen
  • Natural - subtle sheen and unique graphite granular effects
  • Versatile - mix with other graphite based products such as blocks or pencils
  • Portable - ideal for travel with everything needed to paint on the go
  • Colour Palette - Port, Juniper, Aubergine, Dark Indigo, Steel Blue, Ocean Blue, Slate Green, Green Grey, Meadow, Russet, Autumn Brown, Graphite Grey
  • Fine graphite particles settle into the paper grain to create a myriad of effects.
  • Apply on a cold pressed watercolour paper to bring out pools of granulations and passages of tone and colour.
  • The subtle and naturally muted colour palette is ideal for urban and natural landscapes or expressive art.


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