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I am taking a little Summer Solstice break. Orders placed after 3pm BST on Friday 14th June will not start to be despatched until Monday 24th June. Orders are still very much welcomed during this time and the pencil pixie will be back at it from the 24th.

Thank you so much for your patience.

Wishing you joyful pencilling.


Seconds - Eggshell Prismacolor Premier Colour Pencil (PC140)

£ 1.30 (£ 1.08 excl VAT) each

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Seconds - Eggshell Prismacolor Premier Colour Pencil (PC140)

Core: composed of soft wax for a smooth and creamy lay down. These pencils are highly blendable with a high perecentage of pigment for maximum vibrancy.

Lightfastness: compliant with the highest international standards concerning coloured pencil's lightfastness ASTM D-6901, rated as Very Good.

Pencils are supplied either sharpened or unsharpened, depending on the stock available.

Please note: these pencils have a very soft core due to the soft wax used to make them. This means they are more likely to have broken cores compared to other pencil ranges. If this occurs, you can help to reform the wax by warming the pencil on a warm radiator. I cannot take any responsibility for broken cores.

These are pencils that I do not deem to be 100% perfect. This could be for the following reasons:

1) the pencil tip is broken

2) the paintwork isn't flawless

3) the wooden outer casing is notched or split in some way

These items are at a reduced price to reflect this, but are non-refundable.

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